AMERICA'S GOT TALENT-Live taping at Radio City Music Hall- 8/13/14

After viewing a live taping of AMERICA'S GOT TALENT, I reflect on the days of my youth when my mom took me to see movies at Radio City Music Hall in mid-town Manhattan.

A smartly-dressed door person (wearing a pill box hat) ripped our tickets with white gloves, and a pleasant smile. The smell of freshly-popped corn waifed through the massive interior, huge paintings covering its gigantic walls from the lobby to the Grand Foyer.

We open the doors to the seating area and a friendly usher helps us find our seats.  To the left of the stage on the first mezzanine level, a musician plays a popular American standards on a massive organ with foot pedals.

Vibraphone chimes ring throughout the smoking room/bathroom/Ladies' power room area down stairs, alerting everyone that the show will begin soon.

The lights dim. A huge screen is lowered from above the stage and the film begins.

"TRUE GRIT" starring John Wayne, Kim Hunter and Glen Campbell.

After the film, the screen is raised, a 15 minute intermission follows, accompanied by more organ music, and then THE ROCKETTES do a half-hour show.

I visit Radio City Music Hall after 45 years to see #AGT.


There's amazing art everywhere. They really don't make 'em like this anymore.
That's me with Semi-Finalist WENDY LIEBMANN.

My friend Shannon and I had to get a photo with some of the amazing acrobatic dance troupe ACROARMY.


Here's some of the members of CORNELL BHANGRA- a dance group that combines contemporary and traditional dance.

Unfortunately, they didn't make it past the quarter finals.

Here's the video in case you missed it:


The moment Christian Stoinev and Scooby won.



The winners take a bow.


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