India hopes to curb public deification problem with new animated music video. (NSFW)

In India, public defication is a serious problem. This public service announcement attempts to combat the issue with a silly song and surreal, animated music video.
It might not be for everyone, but to its credit, the musical PSA, entitled "Poo Party," manages to make an unsavory topic both memorable and entertaining. And that's to say nothing of how catchy its refrain is: "Take the poo to the loo."
WATCH (Contains Adult Language and CGI Poo):

According to UNICEF, the international relief organization behind the "Poo2Loo" campaign", an estimated 620 million Indians poop out in the open every day, dumping more than 143 million pounds of solid human waste and putting the public at risk for "life-threatening infections, diseases and epidemics."

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