Welcome 2 Gotham: "Dark Knight Rises" Opens in Times Square- 7/20/2012

42nd St. and 8th Ave. (facing northwest)
Any interview will do.

Gotham Police is on the scene.

42nd St. and 7th Ave. (facing southeast)

Corner of 42nd St. and 7th Ave. (facing east)

42nd St. and 7th Ave. (east)

41st St. and 7th Ave. (corner facing east)

41st St. and Broadway.  (corner facing west)

42st St. and Broadway.  (northwest corner)

42st St. TIME SQUARE ( facing south between Broadway and 7th Ave.)

WABC building's ticker reports updates about the Aurora massacre.

The Marriott Hotel on 45th and Broadway kinda looks likes the Wayne tower.


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